Content Warning: Blood, injury, addiction themes.

Nadir, fig. 3

[Long Description: Folk hero and career martyrdom survivor Roan, impaled on a naginata. Len has his hands full, positioning her on his shoulders so that he might take her down. He holds a khukuri in his mouth and uses his free hand to pluck the arrows out of her body.]

Nadir, fig. 3

January 26, 2021

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Just another, just another--

a little series of Len character studies, sorta.

I like Len a whole lot. I joke that Asthaom is just one big metaphor for addiction recovery (and other types of recovery), but it's sincere, too. Len himself is an ex-thief, ex-con, ex-moral-junk-drawer who's whole life is dedicated to helping other people like him get on their feet.

And it's hard. There is a very real helplessness that comes from watching people you love do absolutely bonkers things that are out of their control and yours, and going through life not sure if they'll survive it all. Thankfully Asthaom is a piece of fiction and I can throw as many happy endings at it as I want at it. His friends put him through the wringer, but he gets to give them shit about it when they recover.

Made it to the end? Nice.

Sadren and Hei convened over a leather scroll, with Len in the background. Sadren says 'Isn't there something you'd lay your life down for?' and Len looks at him like he killed and ate the sun. Len takes a deep breath, pinches his brow, and screams 'NO!'