in the confidence of wasps pt. 1

[Long Description: A mesa top wreathed in green. The sky is low and heavy with stormclouds, grey sheets of rain rolling over distant canyons. The grass reaches for the sky, almost as tall as the basalt boulders scattered around the fields.

Two men wade through the green, holding one another’s hands.]

in the confidence of wasps

November 11, 2021

And the suffering, one way or the other
it will go away

It's all at rest
'cause I found a better place

What a prohibitively busy semester. Good because that keeps me from getting in trouble, not so good because I am biting at the bit to draw.

Had an epiphany the other morning that this stage of my life would be unrecognizable to the me of just a few years ago, in no small part thanks to the kindness of people around me and the desert in general. I have been thinking about these captures of Perry Mesa during unusually wet seasons as well, and certain people who also go through radical transformations when the weather humors them.

Feat. My two favorite men that could make me cry like a baby if they so chose to: tarantula hawk wasps, and Ashe.

in the confidence of wasps pt. 2

[Long Description: Ashe, kneeling in an endless field of green. The sky is low to the ground and heavy with rain. He shares the good weather with antelopehorn milkweed (Asclepias asperula) and tarantula hawk wasps (Genus Pepsis), who fly to and fro between the flowerheads. An especially docile one rests on the man’s knuckles, even as he rubs the tears from his eyes.

And if he’s brought to tears by something other than the rain, well--that’s just as well.]