Flourish page 6

[Long Description: Ashe is stopped in his tracks—perhaps by shock, or by the indignity of it all. He lists unsteadily, and collapses.

Immediately Morgan is on his feet.

Morgan: Are you okay?

He rushes over to Ashe’s side, brushing snow out of the man’s grimacing face. Through the white, Ashe cracks open one eye, and smiles at a moonstruck Morgan.

He jabs Morgan in the stomach with a sharp blow from the butt of his spear, and a swift reminder not to let your guard down around the White Ghost.]

Flourish Pg. 6

January 15, 2021

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Trusting Me Was Your First Mistake

Morgan curled up in a fetal position, nursing his bruised stomach. Ashe stands over him with an apologetic bowl of broth. They are both feeling simply awful.

Last panel is my unintentional Tiger, Tiger reference, which is a very good webcomic and you should read it. Anyway, that’s it : -B Combat in the ash tundra is dirty, short, and explosive. So is my motivation, lately.