Flourish page 1

[Long Description: The title page for Flourish, depicting the blacksmith, sauntiaq, and generally loveable rogue Morgan. He swipes a shortsword through the air with a loose wrist, light on his feet and a little bit exasperated.]

Flourish Pg. 1

January 15, 2021

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Morgan is a blacksmith, archer, and bleeding heart first, and a swordsman maybe 6th or 7th. Ashe aims to change that.

Flourish is just that. It started out as a sketch sheet of combat interactions drawn from memory, and became a short and silly little comic. The ideal is to one day study martial arts until I have the confidence to design believable fight scenes, and give individual characters all the practical idiosyncrasies they deserve. This was not that, hah. You get ashe holding his spear like an atlatl! I don’t make the rules!