the wolf

[Long Description: Morgan atop the Caribou God, bounding hard through the black woods. In pursuit is an enormous beast, a wolf-like monster patched together from human hands. Morgan trains an unsteady arrow at the creature’s killing jaws.]

the wolf

October 25, 2020

(the sound of me watching my brother play AC2 when i was like 10)

It’s widely thought that the ash tundra harbors no animals. Any that get caught in the eternal storm quickly die of exposure or starvation. I am thinking now that this isn’t entirely correct… Of course, there’s the last living caribou of the ash tundra, the Caribou God. But there are other beings out there, too, that have suffered a fate worse than death. Ergo: Morgan having his world rudely turned upside-down.

(Morgan is like… my beta rename for Morrigan / Prisoner right now. I have been trying to give him a new name for a very long time. I like it, but I need to sit with it for a while and try some alternatives before I commit.)