moq ne

[Long Description: General Dai Hei holds his sword in reverse, plunging it deep into the slavering jaws of Motu, Father Death and the Sun. The world around them goes up in smoke and fire as Hei's act of violence eclipses the sun.]

May 7, 2020


I'm starting a new genre, and it's called Pics of Dai Hei Tearing His Life Out of Motu's Mouth by Force.

I always find myself making time for the break in the middle of War, where Wolfgun repeatedly delivers “I'll be glad I'm gone” as if a furious mantra, while the vocals gradually decay... I've had the sketch for this sitting on my drive since 2018, and I kept coming back to look at it longingly whenever I listened in. Finally finished it. Not everything I wanted, but, it's done.

It feels like it's been 9 years since I talked about Hei last, hahaha... he's sort of like a disgraced general who was previously the right hand of a demagogue / demigod, and who refused to be made a weapon of war by the god at great personal cost.