Content warning: Mentions of war, death, doom ideation, and general morbidity.
(one of the factions mentioned below is a doomsday cult, and a few others are similarly grim.)

July 6, 2020

Hi, I made a personality quiz where you can get your very own Government Assigned Fictional Political / Social Entity. Just in case you wanted to know whether you'd be a glorified lawyer or a glorified librarian in the Moribund verse.

I spent the past couple of days throwing this together in Twine. Theoretically, I could have made this in 5 minutes on a quiz website, but it ended up being a great way to teach myself more intense Twine styling / scripting... and honestly, it was good for my own comfort, too. I dislike hosting Moribund lore on most websites. It's nice to have something you *own.*

Anyway. If you get the Manazthati you legally have to go outside and look at a cool bird. Otherwise: have fun, be yourself, tell me what you get (or don't!)