[Long Description: An animation of Malakai snapping fun little fingerpistols while he gets his groove on.]

September 6, 2019

it occurred to me earlier that Malakai might be fun to animate. It turns out he's very fun to animate.

Malakai is kind of a cryptid OC, hahaha... if you don't know him: he's Brun's brother who (allegedly) exists out there, somewhere. He's an internet funnyguy who does things like force you to listen to whatever Moribund's equivalent of early 2000's trance is, to instill you with the fear of god. He's kind of constructed a gilded cage for himself, though, because his real passion is producing music, and he has a hard time getting people to take him seriously.

This isn't related to anything, I just picture his music sounding a little like this hehe