[Long Description: Icons of Brun and Sinuk. They're pretty thrilled about it; even Brun is smiling. ]

August 17, 2019

this was a long time coming

So. The old Mercasor story with Ken, M, Ors, and Erin is now defunct; The story formerly known by RANSOM, with Brun, Sinuk, Darrow, and co. will be taking its place.

I have been sitting on this change for the better half of a year. After being out of love with the original Mercasor story for so long, I realized it was probably time to retire it. What I didn't realize for quite a while was that RANSOM was kind of its spiritual successor! It's weird to say that I'm actively writing one of the “main” Moribund stories, but, yeah, that's what I'm doing. I guess that's what happens when you work on a world for so long that it starts leaking out of every orifice.

Ken and M are technically 'retired' characters, now, which is why I've updated my social media icons to be Brun and Sinuk. It's kind of bittersweet to see them go the way of the original Mercasor story, but they're also not... really going anywhere. Brun and Sinuk have only ever always been the same thing retold in a way that I'm more excited and more in love with.

Ors and Erin's (future) roles in RANSOM / Mercasor remain unchanged. They're not going anywhere as far as I know. It'll just... be... like 9 years before I finish writing this dang story and they become relevant again.

Whew. @_@ Did I mention I need to rename them? This is what happens when you sit on a world for like 7 years. Please learn to strike while the iron is hot.