high Asthaom

[Long Description: A sketch page of places in high Asthaom. Scattered among them are;

  • A satellite entrance to the subterranean city Sond, with a ruined mural on its walls.
  • A set of a-frame jacals that burrow halfway into a small hill.
  • Merike, with its massive sandstone walls sheltering the city that has been carved into the sheer cliffs of high Asthaom's coastal plateau.
  • An adobe tower surrounded by saguaros.
  • A snaking adobe bridge.
  • A chamber in Sond, with a flying, rib-like ceiling and reliefs carved into its walls.
  • Merike again; the warrior-poet Dai Hei carries two baskets of fish with a yoke. Brun and Darrow hitch a ride on either end of the rod, as he effortlessly carries them up the narrow paths that criss-cross the vertical city. Sadren, Roan, and Sinuk greet them as they finish their ascent. ]

July 31, 2019

Mercasor is home but... so is high Asthaom u_u