fool, martyr, sun

[Long Description: A lineup of Sinuk, Brun, and Darrow from their (slightly) younger years, in black, white, and red. Sinuk is dead-eyed, if resolute, and holds up a Trickster-Fool qan on a chain like a set of dogtags. Brun wears a wicked grin beneath the condign smeared over her mouth, and flashes the Martyr, reversed. Darrow holds a hand over her heart and the Sun to her mouth, with naive-- if frightened-- optimism in her eyes. ]

December 24, 2019

wanted to draw these guys from before the events of Mercasor. Each of their demeanors 180 from what they originally were, so I wanted to capture the discomfort of seeing a different side of somebody you think you know.

The significance of qan plays a minor role in Mercasor so I am sure it will come up later... They are a little like tarot crossed with casting runes, toys-gone-divination-tools that were originally part of a game to the Ser diaspora, but which got wildly popular as instruments of prophecy once they came to Mercasor.

Sinuk holds the Trickster-Fool. This qan is associated with the Dren and is represented by his eyes. He sets the cycle by which the world-wheel revolves, in the same motion that he falls victim to it. The protagonist on second retelling: privy to way of things, but often helpless to change them.

Brun holds the Martyr, reversed. In a deck of qan, the Martyr is a counterpart to the Trickster-Fool. It's variously associated with Lex and Roan, and as such is represented by Lex's Bleeding Heart. It is self-sacrifice and a doom-driven compulsion to follow the lines set out before you-- often to the extreme.

The Martyr reversed (or the Martyr Survived) therefore becomes a “refusal of the call;” a priority of individual over community, self-determination over prophecy. To free yourself at the damnation of the world around you. It can be a mark of self-preservation, or of monstrous selfishness.

Darrow holds the Sun. It is associated with Lex and Motu, and is represented by the bloated Sund. It is its own double, a thing that cannot be reconciled; to die of exposure or be thawed by the morning sun. Lex is a saint shadowed always by the atrocities her father committed in her name.