[Long Description: Four portraits of the Mercasor protags in the spirit of several tiktoks by @alphagod_keaseus and @dulzentertain, in which Caramelldansen plays distantly in the background.

The first is a still from a video of a stranger blasting caramelldansen from their apartment window at an absurd hour of the night. Darrow, naturally, is going wild.

The second is Sinuk eating cereal in front of a strobing computer monitor while wearing lab safety goggles, in the spirit of @dulzentertain.

The third is Brun lying in bed, covering her ears as the lights flash through the shuttered window behind her.

The last is Malakai experiencing the fear of God as he walks into a room, hears the song playing, and realizes what must be done, in the spirit of @alphagod_keaseus. ]

December 24, 2019

t... tag your ocs

individual sources to the best of my ability:

[ guy blasting caramelldansen in his apartment ] ◆ [ tiktok by @dulzentertain ] ◆ [ tiktok by @alphagod_keaseus ]

do not know who the mysterious stranger blasting caramelldansen from their apartment window is (or who decided to edit it in) but god I hope they're doing well