Content Warning: Nudity.

selfish boy

[Long Description: Sinuk laying naked on a ratty old mattress. Her effects are scattered around her, pillows and dirty dishes and papers and old laundry. Her phone lights up with a particularly sappy text, and she hugs Brun’s black leather coat, pulling it over herself like a makeshift blanket to feel closer to her crush (or maybe to hide her blushing face.) She grins ear to ear.]

selfish boy

August 20, 2018

Didn’t upload this because I don’t know. lingering shame of living in a heteronormative society or something, thought it straddled some kind of line. Very rich, given my body of work.

Anyway it’s almost the year of our lord 2022 at the time of my writing this, and I’m over it. This is a good Sinuk! One of my favorites even.

Title is a reference to I Wanna be your Boyfriend by Discovery (ty moon for introducing me!)