Normunt Map

[Long Description: A map of the city Normunt. It rises on the banks of a river, and is organized in tiers as it climbs the ribs of the surrounding canyon.]

November 29, 2018

my big baby who i love very very much

Normunt (abbreviated from North Mountain and Protected Lands) is a steward city located in the heart of the island Mercasor, widely regarded as “bureaucracy-laden” and “definitely Mercasian.”

  • Normunt is a sovereign city-state in the sense that it was founded in lands not formally administered by the neighbouring nations of Ausank, Holn, or the Forge. Unfortunately, this just means that the city navigates four separate governments instead of one.
  • Normunt administers its river and the surrounding territories as a land management / conservation entity, ergo “Protected Lands.” Cities in this tradition are affectionately termed “steward cities.”
  • Normunt’s city council is one of few modern governments that employs a god in office– Chief Justice Io. Io has run for reelection unopposed for something like a hundred years and change, a practice which paints Normunt as a curiosity in the global theatre. Some see a certain je ne se quois in it, and others consider the practice to be archaic at best. It doesn’t help that Normunt widely recognizes Io as the city’s grey eminence, a fact which the god makes no effort to refute.
  • The unofficial (but most common) demonym for a person from Normunt is “Normie.”