Happy Natl. Coming Out Day!

[Long Description: The justiciar Hon. Ors Undurne taking a selfie with deadeye Brun, while Hon. Erin CeDicci arrests the Atayaska. A pin with the butch lesbian flag is involved.]

October 11, 2018

Don’t think I realized how many good things happen during the month of October. I was going to finish this up for pride month, but my internship got the better of me.

Happy National Coming Out Day! I’m a butch lesbian! I write about butch lesbians. Well, characters that would be considered butch lesbians in the real world, anyway. I won’t get into the abstracts of gender and sexuality in moribund.

This isn’t news to most people (I think my work speaks for itself lol) but I rather dislike that I’ve left any room for ambiguity, especially in a space where I am usually so quiet about anything but my art. I slipped “lady-lovin’ lady” into my about like loving and respecting women wasn’t a huge part of it all.

Anyway. This is only a silly doodle, but I want to talk a bit about why I chose Ors and Erin / Sinuk and Brun for it.

I think that art is a powerful tool for self-betterment and self-exploration, just as much as it is a reflection of how you’re doing at the time. Ors and Erin are older characters (drafted 6 or 7 years ago wheeze) and maybe my first major pair of women. I was exploring their relationship looooong before I realized what it meant to me.

Sinuk and Brun, on the other hand, were created very recently (Like… a year and a half ago.) In the short time I’ve been working with them, I’ve put out maybe my most cohesive body of art in a long time– and I’ve had just the most fun while doing it. I also realized that my general womanpain wasn’t ambient white noise to everything else I was feeling, that calling myself a lesbian felt really right, and that I should tell my mom and maybe the internet?

thanks, hell women.

I’m deeply lucky in that coming out has been an affirming and joyous (and nerve-wracking) experience for me every time. It kinda felt like I fell into a community of wlw overnight, when in reality it just hadn’t clicked for me that they were there the whole dang time and that I could be any part of that. I hope other people get to experience that, too.