Decemverse 3

December 18, 2018

If these seem a little thin it’s because I had to do three of them in one day :’^)

December 13

[The Satik letter for “R”]

I yearned by tide of night
for the soft rains of my youth
for a gentle sun's light
for a home I never knew


Not much to say here. Lots of longing in the high Asthaom desert.

December 14

[The Satik letter for “T”]

Close shut the snake's yawning jaw,
and walk sideways the world as god.

[The snake turned on itself endlessly.]

The biggest lie a god will tell you is that divinity is an act of violence.

December 15

[The Satik letter for “M”]

“Light by right of Lex's birth.”
She broke that liar's koan,
and wrote into the aching earth
the greater Sonderoan.

[The river Roan and its canyon.]

Roan (the person) writing Roan (the river) into high Asthaom. An excuse to extrapolate something out of the phrases “the greater Sonderoan” and “light by right.”

The Sonderoan is the region at the mouth of the river Roan; I think the greater Sonderoan is used for the riparian community that runs the river's length. “Light by right” was an epithet I used for Motu before I found a name for him.

December 16

[The Satik letter for “N”]

Strung up by Basedt's entrails,
the grave beast showed its teeth.
For even as the Stormwall failed,
no man could move to leave.

[The great beast's killing teeth.]

The Stormwall is Basedt's holy wall, which keeps out the hateful ash tundra and the terrestrial maelstrom. Inside the wall, time flows normally and the natural processes needed for life can occur.

One of the language quirks in Moribund is that none of the epithets for Cinte are capitalized like a proper noun (i.e. the great beast of all men, god from the disease.) In Basedt, the great beast is relegated to common nouns and euphemisms because invoking his true name (or anything like his true name) is tantamount to inviting him into your house.

December 17

[The Satik letter for “Y”]

a muddy hole, the mountain sleeping
I, below the black sky weeping

[Sentin's eye, with tears resembling the “rays of light” emanating from Lex's sun emblem.]

Pure imagery that I later got to associating with Sentin.

December 18

[The Satik letter for “L”]

I got lost in the space between
the crook of my neck
and your arms lean

[Sinuk's wide eyes.]


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