Made Up Lies and Stupid Daydreams

[Long Description: The comic opens with Prisoner, traveling out to the ash tundra alone. The crunching of his boots follows him as he finds his place atop a natural bridge, blanketed with silent snow and soot. He begins to sing:

The way you brush your teeth
the way you comb your hair
the sweater you wear when you feel self-conscious

The words are transposed over warm thoughts of getting lost in the little details of Asheond-sul's company. They begin to consume the composition;

Your favorite drink
our favorite song
the sunday in june, when you told me you loved me.

if only you were real

But the stark reality of the terrestrial maelstrom bleeds through the imagined warmth.

My perfect memories.

Prisoner falls out of them, and back into the real world. He is alone, singing to a hateful and uncaring tundra;

They're all made up lies
and stupid daydreams
but maybe they won't be

His words find Asheond-sul, as the confession he was never meant to hear.

someday. ]

December 14, 2017

If you haven't listened to Made Up Lies and Stupid Daydreams before, I'm gonna need you to do that right now before you get any further. It's good. It's really, really good.

This is... oof... Foremost a love ode to a love ode, the redraw I said three months ago I wouldn't do, the last piece of 2017, and a debut piece for Ashe (who is not at all a skyrim expy)

Back in mid-December I thumbnailed a tiny spread to the eponymous tune and, on a whim, approached June LaLonde asking if I could use her lyrics for the piece. She very sweetly said yes, which made me realize it was a Thing I Had To Do Now. It took a month and change to throw together, in between full workweeks and the holidays, and is the reason I have been quiet since then.

What else... This concerns Basedt, a story in Moribund that I haven't talked a lot about. But the dynamic should be familiar: Prisoner enters a 100-year-old terrestrial maelstrom in search of his sister, and is ultimately lost to it; A former end-times cultist, Ashe, finds him face-down in a snowdrift and strings him along in stopping the storm from swallowing the world. They have an emotion or two, along the way.

I promised myself I would stop accompanying serious, vulnerable work with joke captions and it's sincerely difficult. Thanks for looking. Please check June's entire discography. I'm gonna go sleep for a week.