Hell Gun Women

[Long Description: Sinuk and Brun, popping a fun pose and opening fire on some unlucky saps.]

February 21, 2017

The first 'real' piece I sat down to with these two. Still a pretty fun thumbnail for their whole dynamic.

For fun, I'll quote the original description of this;

I already introduced these two but there’s always room for second chances, yeah?

Sinuk Vauntariaq [top] and Brun [below] are two hell gun women trying to look out for one another. They’re ambiguously Wildstar characters but you know how these things go.

Sinuk helped Brun escape the vice grip of the cartels she used to work for; a sober and grim woman, Brun takes very seriously her only shot at an honest life. Sinuk, on the other hand, had never abided by anybody or anything until she slipped into the void and disappeared for several years. She just recently reappeared, and comes back a little differently for it. They’re figuring it all out and so am I.