Canyon F/Hall Compilation

[Long Description: The raw 'photographs' from Canyon F/hall, compiled by themselves. Clockwise from the top left:

Dai Hei, the First Exarc, helping M tune a koto;

M plucking their koto under heavy darkness; Sadren's silhouette is visible in the murk.

Ken, mid-air as she prepares to bring the wrath of a god down on her marimba-like drums;

Len, passed out on the stage. Sadren, Valor, Dai Hei, Roan, Ken, and M are arranged around him, while Dai Hei draws on his face;

Mukhaillen, Dai Hei, Sadren, Roan, and Valor. Dai Hei is held up by the lot of them, a reproduction of his initial excommunication. Sadren holds Roan's mask in front of her face;

Sadren, up on stage, with his hands clasped against his head as he sings to the crowd sprawling below him.]

July 26, 2017

Compositions taken from this little project, if you haven't seen it already.