Canyon F/Hall

[Long Description: A string of 'photographs' in the form of social media posts.

M, @Sidereal - The man with the camera was our very own Andy. He comes out every year to do Canyon Fell's shooting and doesn't let us pay him. Architecture is his main thing: check is portfolio [here]
He just got the shots out to us. Enjoy, and thank you.

Reply by Skjeggesdad, @Ks.sK - thats our dude!!! thanks again you guys ❤❤❤"

M, @Sidereal - Soundcheck before dawn.

An image of Dai Hei, the First Exarc, helping M tune a koto.

M, @Sidereal - Intro // Open-handed.

An image of Sadren, up on stage, with his hands clasped against his head as he sings to the crowd sprawling below him.

M, @Sidereal - GHOST

An image of M plucking their koto under heavy darkness. Sadren's silhouette is visible in the murk.

Reply by voke, @vokesightv - Hi! long-time fan, sending love from Norbast. Forgive my Satik!
Question: How did he get this shot? o_O I don't remember him on the stage.

Reply by M, @Sidereal - Your Satik is perfect. Thank you for everything.
To answer your question: Very carefully.

M, @Sidereal - Feat. The Blood-Water Poet, The Beast out of the East, Great Betrayer, Koda's Teeth, and the river herself...

Thank you for refraining from photography during the unmasked segment of this piece, and for respecting the privacy of our partners.

An image of Mukhaillen, Dai Hei, Sadren, Roan, and Valor. Dai Hei is held up by the lot of them, a reproduction of his initial excommunication; Sadren holds Roan's mask in front of her face.

Reply by reckon i'd've'd, @REDRIDER - can't believe they said yes. what the hell dude

Reply by M, @Sidereal - Me neither.

M, @Sidereal - Ken Dagyon

I heard tell that some people didn't know who my partner (Ken Dagyon) was, so I will now be dedicating one song a release to the 80% to my 20% (Ken Dagyon)

Look forward to our (Ken Dagyon's) production arriving late this winter. It's been in the works for a long time and it's as important to her (Ken Dagyon) as this was to me.

An image of Ken, mid-air as she prepares to bring the wrath of a god down on her marimba-like drums.


M, @Sidereal - Dawn.

Thank you.

An image of Len, passed out on the stage. Sadren, Valor, Dai Hei, Roan, Ken, and M are arranged around him, while Dai Hei draws on his face.]

July 26, 2017

Bahhhhh I'm happy this is done ❤

My usual rounds with Coldplay and Wolfgun made me a little sulky about how I can't quite articulate the nature of Ken and M's aural + performance arts works right now. It'll always be brighter and more energetic than I can say, but I've been doing a pretty sad job of getting what I can out there. This is some of that.

I touched up on their opening act for Canyon F/Hall here, which I'll quote;

Seeing Coldplay perform the album ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ live made me realize Ken and M gotta get on stage at least once. They’re multimedia street performers at heart; musicians, mages, painters, and actors in one, but they usually keep it off a stage, keep it open and public.

They’re approached one year by their pal Krissa to open for the music + performance arts festival Canyon F/Hall, and they use it to as the opportunity they’ve been looking for to reach out to Normunt’s immigrant Akiat and Sarikote community, and to bring the rest of Normunt into their common history.

But I failed to mention the bit where M does the functional equivalent of saying "COLLAB BRO???" @ Asthaom's hero what time forgot, Sadren, who agrees.

It would take me a few textbooks to explain much more than that. I hope my spaghetti Elements typography isn't too infuriating to look at. Thanks for hearing it.