A chart about Lex and Sentin

[Long Description: A chart depicting the circumstances of Saint Lex's death, and how her heart, mind, and body were scattered to the four winds.

In the top of the chart, a mortal Sentin stands next to a tapestry with the likeness of Lex.

Sentin [in life]: Lex convinced the Akiat diaspora to take in the exile Sentin, and he proved instrumental in guiding them through the high Asthaom desert. But when Lex stole from her own people to bargain for safe passage through the desert, Sentin was framed by her father, Motu, to take the fall for her crimes. He was ultimately banished, and threw himself into the ocean black in penance.

Lex [in life]: Saint Lex helped guide the Akiat diaspora through the desert, many years ago. She tried to defend Sentin when her father framed him, but Motu would not hear her, even as she confessed. Sentin resolved to petition the ocean black for mercy, instead. Lex tried once again to save him from the sea, but was lost to it herself.

In the bottom half of the chart, Roan and the god Sentin flank Lex's Bleeding Heart, at the summit of Scaiuq.

Sentin [in divinity]: Sentin crawled out of the ocean black one day, bleeding heart in hand, and hid themself from high Asthaom under the Scaiuq mountain range. They long believed Lex to be dead and gone, but in truth, they are her as much as they are Sentin.

Lex's Bleeding Heart: An inert "piece" of Lex; Sentin rose from the sea with the heart in their possession. They hid it under Scaiuq, hoping to keep humanity safe from its power, and to study it for answers about Lex's fate. It was later used to author the vagabond river Roan.

Roan [the person]: Roan crawled out of the ocean black one day, with no memory of who she was. She is popularly believed to be a piece of Lex, an incarnation of Lex, or even Lex herself. She's ambivalent at best about this, and little can be said for sure about the nature of her arrival at high Asthaom.]

July 13, 2016

A fun chart. This was before Sentin and Lex got a tidy redesign, mind, but I've updated the information to be current (as of the beginning of 2019.)

This is far from my favourite way of presenting this information, and in fact I had to take it down some time after I initially uploaded it because it was too much of a headache to negotiate with. But it's fun to look at and marks some kind of waypoint in the visual development of Moribund. (And how Asthaom has always been something you can only describe in short metaphor or exhausting paragraphs.)