[Long Description: A spread in the style of a Mercasian illumination. It depicts the ascension of the Storm Bird Morrigan, who guides the Ser diaspora to shore at Mercasor after 100 years of exile on the ocean black. The lamplighter Halcyun waits to meet them.]

But Halcyun was quick to correct them. “She set the course. I only lit the fire, and was lucky enough to witness their arrival.”

October 9, 2015.

Tickled to put this up because it's another long-standing favourite.

The god Morrigan is a prominent figure nearly everywhere you go in Moribund, but it's only on the island Mercasor that she is a celebrated one. In life, she helped guide her kin from a dying Satikke to the shores of Mercasor, and was instrumental to the survival of the Ser diaspora.