Moribund is a terminal world of wayward people, loving deserts, and absent gods. Its main stories are introduced below.

Webcomic (Ongoing) Morbid, apocalyptic, tender Guilt brings the survivor back to the first wound.

When Morgan was a boy, he jumped the walls of Basedt and fled into the hellish wastes of the ash tundra. He would become the only man to escape an unceasing storm that has isolated the city from the rest of the world for over a hundred years.

Although he finds a normal life in the world outside of the storm, Morgan is haunted by a grief that is his and his alone. Unable to reconcile with the memory of those he left behind, he becomes the only man to escape the storm—and to return.


Web serial (In development) Cavalier, campy, heartfelt Calamity women navigate the hazards of love.

Deadeye Brun is the finest sharpshot in the known universe, and the notorious Captain of the Condign Cartel. She carved a bloody warpath through the high Asthaom desert with her on-again-off-again girlfriend, Darrow, in search of priceless condign dye.

But there came a quiet hour of the night where she confessed to Darrow that a smuggler’s life was beginning to wear on her. She was thinking about disbanding the cartel– and that maybe it was time for the two of them to break up for good. Brun woke up the morning after with her ex’s crossbow in her mouth.

Bound to the cartel’s service through blackmail and the unshakeable fear that her life is beyond salvaging, Brun is reduced to a base drive to survive. She believes she is completely alone in her grief, until a handsome idiot shows up during one of her condign runs and ruins everything.


??? (Pipe dream) Mythic, war-torn, hopeful Doom-driven exiles search for water in the desert.

Roan crawled out of the ocean black one day, and the Akiat diaspora buckled in relief for the return of their late saint Lex.

Unfortunately, Roan has no recollection of who she is, how she arrived at the shores of Asthaom, or if indeed she even is Lex. But her true identity becomes the least of her troubles when she realizes the gravity of her circumstances: the high Asthaom desert has no life to offer the Akiat people. With nowhere left to go, Roan must carry the hopes of thousands to the summit of Scaiuq, and petition the exiled god Sentin for relief– or die fighting for it.

Sketchbook (Ongoing) Dark, folkloric, domestic Funny wrestling with the devil.

Tucked away in the desert Forlorn is the backwater town of Sam Hill. It’s described variously as “A god-forsaken den of iniquity,” “a sick mockery of society contrived by exiles, thieves, and murderers,” and “the throat of the Devil himself.”

It is these stories that draw the unforgiving eye of inquisitor Redmond Faraday. But what she finds there is a tiny, fiercely loving community of ex-cons, refugees, and reformed criminals. God-fearing folk like herself, many of which who attribute their miraculous change of heart to the good word of the local Reverend.

Redmond decides to attend one of the Reverend’s services, and witness the “miracle” herself. What the town doesn’t tell her is that the Reverend has horns and a tail.