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page 92

[Long description: The cover page for Ghost River: The Confluence. A silhouette of the canyon and its river is transposed against an elevation profile. ]

Elevation profile lifted (with love) from a portion of the Agua Fria within Agua Fria National Monument, using this tool. It's highly imperfect, but, I mean, as much as I love Ghost River I haven't found a way to astral project myself to the monument to collect data for my webcomic (yet.)

Anyway. This opens the next segment, which more likely than not takes the form of a traditional comic, and will be bookended with another twine game. From there? Haven't burned that bridge yet. We'll see.

In the mean time, I've given chapter 1 of Ghost River a spiffy new name-- Ghost River: Headwaters-- and updated its respective cover pages. The archive is also organized by chapter now. loading times were getting to be a little long with the number of thumbnails I had on one page @_@

I'm nervously excited for the change of pace this new chapter represents, and hope this weird, winding journey will find you well. See you soon(er) I hope!