Kith. She's a stern woman with a strong jaw and her black hair bundled up in a no-nonsense ponytail. A pair of turquoise earrings hang from her ears.

Kith ▲ She/her ▲ Senior Hydrologist ▲ TWWM Tracker

Kith is a senior hydrologist with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, currently studying the Agua Fria watershed. She’s quiet, stern, and a little brusque. Most people consider her a hard-ass. She seems to like it that way.

Val. She's short, stocky, and built like a wall. Her hair is cropped in a sort of fauxhawk and she's got charming laughlines to her boxy jaw.

Dr. Valarie Hathaway ▲ She/her ▼ Hydrogeologist

Val formerly held Kith's current position, before she was compelled to resign and move to Tucson under suspect circumstances. She's fondly remembered as the “spirit” of the project, a cavalier and charismatic woman who had huge ambitions for the conservation of the Upper Agua Fria Watershed.

Amery. He's a slight but animated young man with his cornrow braids tied up in a bun.

Amery ◆ He/him ◆ Junior Hydrologist

Amery is the “junior” hydrologist (affectionately) studying the Agua Fria watershed with his boss, Kith. He’s fresh out of grad school, eager to please, and feels he has a lot to prove. Unfortunately, this makes him quite stress-prone, and he just can’t seem to leave behind his retail voice.

Dev. He's sort of gruff looking, with a big curly beard and wide-brimmed ranger hat.

Devon ◆ He/him ◆ Not a Hydrologist

Devon is an enforcement ranger based out of the Agua Fria National Monument. He’s a cool and collected young man, a little sardonic at times, but kind-hearted. Although he doesn’t get the worst of it like his boyfriend Amery, the designated “office baby” does, Devon is still considered a city boy and a greenhorn when it comes to his job.

Two black eyes peer out at you from behind a mesquite thicket.

Diaspore ▼ She/her ▼ Lawyer ▼ TWWM Tracker

Dia is really, really mad. All the time.