"Is there anything more powerful than a river?"

"The memory of a river."

Kith is a hydrologist recently stationed at the Agua Fria National Monument, after her predecessor resigned for reasons undisclosed.

She inherits one last chance at turning things around for the Monument. But when she makes it down to the river, she finds its waters running high to the banks, wild with cottonwood. As drought ravages the Southwest, the upper Agua Fria is eerily well-to-do for itself-- and Kith just can't shake the feeling that she's not alone up here...


Ghost River is written by 1ore for the collaborative worldbuilding game Those Who Went Missing.

Content Warnings

Ghost River includes depictions of violence, injury, blood, and animal death. It also deals with themes of loss and hopelessness. Specific warnings are given in the descriptions of pages prior to the appearance of such elements, and they are also noted in the archive. It is important to me that these themes are handled with respect; They will never be used solely for 'horror' and Ghost River is not intended to be a horror comic.