I'm Lore. I’m a 20-something-year-old student of Environmental Science, butch lesbian (she/her), and mixed Japanese American based out of the Sonoran desert.

At the heart of my work is Moribund, a terminal world of deserts and the people who live in them. Take a look at it if you want an idea of what kind of people I am.

Where are you?

This website is my permanent home on the internet. You can also catch me on my Tumblr art blog, Mastodon, Inkblot, and deviantART gallery. Occasionally, I upload process videos to my Youtube account. You can also keep up with my work via RSS.

Apart from some other social media accounts which are no longer maintained, I do not publicly post art anywhere else.

How do you make your art?

Usually with Clip Studio Paint. Previously, I used Photoshop Elements 7.0.

In Clip, I use various brushes from the DAUB brushpack. I like to mix it up on the reg, too. In Photoshop, I used brushes from Rillani’s Ink and Brush pack, Guan’s brushes 2.0, Hero’s Artistic Brushes, and Justine Lee Hirten’s brush sets.

If you ever want to know how I went about a piece, I’m happy to share the process.

Can I use your art?

If you’d like to use my eco-art or fanwork for something, feel free to reach out! I’ll probably ask for credit and be nosy about what you do with it, if you want to share. Most of my fanwork includes fancharacters and other personal junk, so it depends on the piece in question.

Do not use my personal work. This includes reposting it off-site, with or without credit.

Can I hire you?

I generally do not do commissions, trades, requests, or visual art collaborations. I don’t intend to monetize my work for as long as I can help it; I am fortunate enough to be financially stable at this time, but I am deeply humbled if you thought to support me in that way.

The exception to this rule is work done for charities and projects with a humanitarian or activist lean. I am interested in environmental issues, social justice, and cultural preservation, and I do my best work in settings that have a degree of artistic liberty. Feel free to reach out if you think we'd be a good fit for eachother!

Content Warnings

I issue warnings for sensitive content on all of my pieces. These include blood, gore, death, animal injury, and so on. If you need to know whether a piece has a certain element in it, feel free to reach out to me and I'll let you know when and where they come up. However, please understand that there are certain elements like breasts, scars, and disfigurement that are regular aspects of my art, and I can not hide these without hiding the majority of my work. I don’t create art I would consider to fall under body horror, but I do not use this warning either. In general, my philosophy is that no human body should be considered "horror" or "taboo." To this end I will never use these elements for shock value-- but please be aware of this before viewing!


My work will always be available for free in some form. This is something that is important to me, as I do not feel that I can profit financially from it when I am already profiting socially. Those who feel inclined may donate to support me and my work, but I want to stress that there is no obligation or expectation to. I would urge you to first consider those in your immediate community who are in financial need, or perhaps seek out your local Audubon or Sierra Club chapter to donate your time and money. If you're local to the Southwest, I might also recommend Native Seeds SEARCH, Indian Country Today, and other indigenous sovereignty efforts. If the needs of those around you are met, then I would like to thank you deeply and from the bottom of my heart for considering supporting me.

Please note that such contributions are voluntary, non-refundable gifts, and do not represent any contract, obligation, or binding agreement between a supporter and myself.


For professional inquiries, you can send me a good ol' fashion email at

For casual correspondence, shoot me an ask on Tumblr, a DM on Mastodon, or note on deviantART.

I try to be prompt with serious inquiries and certain technical questions. I respond to heartfelts within my ability. I am not able to be as social as I would like to, these days, but I do read every message that makes it to my inbox-- they are tremendously meaningful to me.

Technology and I are both fallible, so don't be afraid to re-send something if you think it may have been missed. I am never bothered when someone reaches out.


I host the changelog for this website here, where I post updates and record development.

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