I'm Lore, and I make desert art.

All of my works live on this site. You can read a little more about them below.


They become consumed with purpose. But why? You could ask, "Why are we bound to the surface of the earth with weight?" The immense mass of our planet attracts us to it. But why? Whose design is that? For what purpose? A wall would fall, but a god holds it up. No rain would reach Asthaom, but a god brings it. A people would perish on the ocean black, but a god shields them from the sea and sky.

This is a god, the bones of the world. When asked what their design is, they would answer, simply: “Because it must be done.”

Moribund is a terminal world of wayward people, loving deserts, and absent gods. Here, magic is a wound that you inflict on the world around you, and god is a thing that you do in order to survive. The sun burns with the rage of an undying microbe who refuses to allow its dying star to collapse. There’s a big rain bird that might or might not kill you if you see it. Things are a little strange, a little hard, but life is good.

You can read more about Moribund here, or jump right into one of its projects. How about Basedt, my ongoing webcomic?

Other Works

"Is there anything more powerful than a river?"

"The memory of a river."

Moribund makes up the bulk of my work, but I do transformative works and other personal works, as well.

Wanna dance on the body of a dying empire with a disgraced war hero and her scrappy research assistant? Try 'Chief and the R.A.' out for size. Looking for ghosts in the desert? Check out my works for 'Those Who Went Missing.' Eco-art about the natural history of the Sonoran Desert? Fanart? Got that too. Take a look around.