I'm Lore, and I make desert art.

All of my major works live on this site. You can read a little more about them below.


They become consumed with purpose. But why? You could ask, "Why are we bound to the surface of the earth with weight?" The immense mass of our planet attracts us to it. But why? Who's design is that? For what purpose? A wall would fall, but a god holds it up. No rain would reach Asthaom, but a god brings it. A people would perish on the ocean black, but a god shields them from the sea and sky.

This is a god, the bones of the world. When asked what their design is, they would answer, simply: “Because it must be done.”

Moribund is a terminal world of philanthropy, faith, and deserts. Here, gods are born of men, and inherit human hearts and human failings. Magic spontaneously bled into the world scarcely a hundred years ago. The sun is a deathless microbe that refuses to allow the system's star to collapse. There's a big bird that might or might not kill you if you see it. Things are a little strange, a little hard, but life is good.

You can read more about Moribund here.

Other Works

"Is there anything more powerful than a river?"

"The memory of a river."

Moribund makes up the bulk of my work, but I do transformative works and other personal works, as well.

One of my main focuses right now is Those Who Went Missing, a collaborative worldbuilding game centered on esk-- odd-fellow nature spirits that haunt the earth. While the human and natural history of the Southwest permeates all of my work, TWWM has been a valuable outlet for me in exploring my relationship with the deserts of Arizona directly.

my own works for TWWM are found here. You can also read more about the game here.